Porches & Sunrooms

This screened porch job in Eastham was fun to work on.  It was extending the rear face of the house, and was to provide a comfortable sitting area in what would be a very quiet setting on the property.

The house was lovely already, and had nice lines to it.  We were able to frame the porch neatly onto the rear face of the house and to maintain the clean lines that already existed.

We took advantage of all the space, and this little nook seemed a great spot to add a bench.  We used cedar for much of the finished trim on the porch – – a good choice for its endurance, as well as its beauty.  You can see what I meant about the quiet setting in the rear of the house as you look out the right corner of the porch.  You can see more cedar used in the finished trim.

More cedar trim in the left corner, above.  We used sauna tubes and poured concrete to establish the footings you can see on the right.  The span included five footings from corner to corner to establish a firm and solid footing for the port.

As I said, this was a fun project, and the porch blended in quite nicely with the existing house.  Our customers were very happy with the finished project, too.