This project is for an addition to a summer cottage that has been winterized.  The addition has been framed, and was recently sealed by a rubber compound new to construction methods.  The rubber compound helps secure the framed addition to wind-tight condition, and is an alternative to sprayed insulation.  Although an extra step, it is actually a cost-effective construction method that will serve the homeowners well.  The photos depict the rubber sealant, as well as the point of connection between the addition and the existing dwelling.

These first three photos were taken on December 14, 2014.



It is now four months later, and the progress has been extensive.  These photos were taken on March 25, 2015.

pic1                                                                             pic3

This winter has been seemingly endless, and you can still see snow on the ground.  But, you can see now what the rubber compound-sprayed shell is becoming.  I will add some more photos to this project page of interior shots when we’ve finished so you will have the complete picture of this project.